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Dear Friends,
We are sharing with you THE SYNOD FEEDBACK FORM which is the fruit of deep listening from the two meetings, held in Brookfield Community centre last month. 
Thank you to Those of you who were able to join us. We are sure, that there were many of you, who couldn't make it because of the Family and work commitments. We are grateful to One and All.
We would like to express a special word of thanks to the small group leaders - Gail Sheridan, Don Harper, Pacelli O'Rourke, Joy Powell, Valerie Warren and Sr. Maureen Ferguson, for their commitment and leadership and the input in collating the responses! 
We are also extremely grateful to the Brookfield Community centre staff and volunteers, especially to the manager Sandra Lambert and assistant Manager Patrick Ryan for your efficient help , support and a cheerful heart from the booking of the venue to the end of second gathering. May you All remain blessed for your kindness and a great work in our wider community!
Your Faithfully,
Synod Animators: 
Matthew Obamwonyi,
Sr. Clare Dawson, 
Deacon Derek Leonard 
& parish pastoral worker Saule Cameron.

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First Communication and Confirmation

Dear Parent(s) /Guardian(s),

We are delighted to announce First Holy Communion and Confirmation dates for 2022.  As with the last two years the sacraments will be celebrated on a class-by-class basis.
All children must be baptized Roman Catholics in order to receive the sacraments. If your child has not yet been baptized you must contact St. Mark’s Parish Office IMMEDIATELY to register, 01-4620777 Mon-Fri 10.30 – 12.30pm.

At least one parent/guardian must be verifiably Roman Catholic to have your child baptized. A simple online application process will be available in the coming weeks to register your child for the sacraments. Hard copies of the application will be available through the parish offices in Springfield and Jobstown for anyone who cannot access the online platform. You will need your child’s Roman Catholic baptism certificate to complete the application. This is available from the church where the child was baptized.
To compliment the preparation work done in school, our parishes will offer various online resources between now and May to help you and your child/children prepare for these great gifts of God. The best preparation for receiving the sacraments is to pray every day with your children and bring them along to our Sunday celebrations in our parishes.

Details of the celebration of First Confessions for First Communicants will be issued in due course.

The Parish Team

Dates and Details for First Holy Communion Celebrations

Dates and Details for Confirmation Celebrations


A year after his installation, Archbishop Dermot Farrell, guided by the Building Hope Task Force Report, presents a Statement of Mission for the Dublin Archdiocese. This Statement highlights our core mission in a time of rapid change, setting out a vision for the diocese and providing values to inform our planning for the future.

A letter from Archbishop Dermot Farrell presenting the Statement of Mission for the Dublin Archdiocese

Mission Poster

A video of the Archbishop introducing the Statement of Mission is available at: https://youtu.be/RZ4uVIrZr54